Living room

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24 December, 2021

Result of a living room extreme makeover

Finally, the time has come to reveal the result of a living room extreme makeover, that I was writing about in the series of posts. The […]
7 December, 2021

Living room makeover. More home decor for the living room

Okay, okay. I promised myself in the last makeover update, that it would be the last purchase I made for my new living room. And I […]
18 November, 2021

Living room makeover. Decorating the living room

In this post, I wrote about the final round of purchasing new furniture for the living room. In this post, I will talk about decorating the […]
26 October, 2021

Living room makeover. Building a dining area and storage space

In this post, I shared with you my very first step of a living room makeover. Today is my second update and I will talk about […]
17 October, 2021

Living room makeover. Decluttering and buying furniture

In this post, I was talking about starting a full renovation of my rented apartment. I started the project with the living room makeover, decluttering and […]