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23 March, 2023

Video of the week: best desk lamps on Amazon

This week’s video was found on the German channel The Good Home and is called “The best desk lamps on Amazon“. The best desk lamps on […]
20 March, 2023

5 best desk lamps in 2023

Lighting is one of the 3 key parts of any home office along with desk and chair. Let’s have a look at the 5 best desk […]
25 July, 2022

Video of the week: Top 10 DIY lamp ideas

This week’s video is filmed by a creator, Fia Garcia DIY, from the channel with the same name and is called “Top 10 DIY lamp ideas […]
21 July, 2022

Filo lamp: I want it! What is it?

At first, I had this crazy WTF moment, thinking, what in the world is that? Filo lamps can test your taste preferences, no doubt about that. […]
8 June, 2022

3 Marset lamps – more than pendant lamps

Howdy reader! Today I am going to talk about the lighting company I stumbled upon recently – Marset. Marset lamps, as the company describes itself, are […]
20 January, 2022

The lamp Blom by Andreas Engesvik

Hello dear reader! How have you been? After a while, I would like to continue introducing you to legendary home decor and furniture designers and their […]
4 September, 2021

Unusual lamps for your interior

I am collecting unusual designs of products, interior, or home decor. In this article, I would like to introduce you to three unusual lamps I found […]