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Ommik is a unique brand of affordable Nordic home office equipment, accessories, furniture, gadgets, decor, and sustainable living and working.

9 March, 2023

New home office frontpage

Another quick update for my dear readers to follow up one of my recent posts. I am launching a new home office frontpage and this is […]
2 March, 2023

Blog dot ommik dot com

It’s about time to sit with a cup of delicious cafesito and share the latest updates about my space in the virtual world. This update is […]
12 January, 2023

Brainstorming and defining a business idea of Ommik

Hello fellows! It has been an incredible beginning of the year for me personally and especially career-wise. In this post I want to focus on defining […]
26 December, 2022

New year’s resolution 2023

There are two types of people. Those who write a new year’s resolution 2023 and those who don’t. I am the first time. Those who do […]
19 December, 2022

My year 2022 at Ommik

At the end of the year, we tend to reflect on how the year was for us and build new year’s resolution. Today, I want to […]
14 October, 2022

Doing some badass networking in Berlin, or how to kick your own ass

Well, here you go. After a year of procrastination, I finally got to the point when I filled up my upcoming weeks with some badass business […]
9 October, 2022

When Dennis has something to say. A personal blog.

Yup. I also didn’t expect my home decor blog would develop into this. But as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell him […]