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13 March, 2023

5 smart office gadgets in 2023. Part 1

Home office should not be boring. Surely, if you only need a desk, a chair, and a lamp, then forget about this post and move on, […]
1 December, 2022

Colour blue in the interior

Colour blue in the interior is the addition to my colourful posts (red, black, yellow, green). From the cold to calm, blue colour can affect your […]
29 September, 2022

Colour green in the interior

Colour green in the interior is the addition to my colourful posts (red, black, yellow). I am not going to differentiate light green and dark green, […]
3 August, 2022

Colour yellow in the interior

In my recent posts, we discussed the colour black and colour red and now, I would like to focus on the bright colour yellow in the […]
14 July, 2022

Turn your house into a smart home

We all know what a smart home is, don’t we? If you are still unaware about this term, a smart home is a home that is […]
7 July, 2022

Colour red in the interior

In one of my past posts, we discussed the colour black. Now, I would like to talk about the colour red in the interior and see […]
24 June, 2022

Colour black in the interior

The idea is for the bravest people out there because we will talk about the colour black in the interior. Have you ever thought about why […]
18 June, 2022

Outdoor furniture trends in 2023

Hello from sunny Berlin. Today it is +34 degrees Celsius, and I am melting. I can’t stand the heat at home, so I decided to discuss […]
20 April, 2022

Travel posters from Henry Rivers

If you still can’t decide what you want to put on your empty walls, and the Scandinavian wall art I talked about is not your thing, […]
24 December, 2021

Result of a living room extreme makeover

Finally, the time has come to reveal the result of a living room extreme makeover, that I was writing about in the series of posts. The […]
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