15 May, 2023

Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard Keychron Q2 Pro

After a couple of successful reviews of mechanical keyboards (MX Mechanical and Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro), it is about time to look at one more fantastic […]
2 May, 2023

Luxurious office furniture from Estonia

What stands out the most for me about Intuit by Softrend is the niche they choose. The company from my home country, Estonia, took a mission […]
3 April, 2023

Mechanical gaming keyboard Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro

After a successful review (and partially bragging) about my first and beloved mechanical keyboard MX Mechanical, I decided to review another masterpiece. This time I will […]
27 March, 2023

5 best sports gadgets for home office in 2023

For us, office plankton, the biggest challenge is to keep moving during the 8-hour shift. Fortunately, in 2023 we have many sports gadgets for home office […]
20 March, 2023

5 best desk lamps in 2023

Lighting is one of the 3 key parts of any home office along with desk and chair. Let’s have a look at the 5 best desk […]
20 February, 2023

Performance keyboard MX Mechanical from Logitech

I found it! After more than 10 keyboards, tested and getting frustrated, I decided to invest more money and got myself the most amazing keyboard – […]
5 January, 2023

Prefabricated tiny houses Tiny Lofts from Germany

To continue my exploration journey of tiny houses movements around the world (Estonia, The Netherlands, Canada), I would like to introduce you to a fantastic prefabricated […]
29 December, 2022

Premium wooden workspace accessories from Balolo

Let’s talk about workspace accessories. What makes accessories premium? I would say, it is all about premium quality, premium material, sustainability, and premium design. Premium wooden […]
15 December, 2022

Prefabricated tiny houses Hewing Haus from Canada

As you might already have noticed, I am absolutely thrilled about the movement of prefabricated tiny houses. I introduced you before to the stunning concrete prefab […]
24 November, 2022

Prefabricated tiny houses Wikkelhouse from the Netherlands

I already wrote once about prefabricated tiny houses KODA from Estonia, and let me tell you, the interest of that post was insane! And this is […]
21 November, 2022

Strong and lightweight cardboard furniture made in USA

I absolutely love it! I love, love, loooooove the most sustainable and eco-friendly furniture you can ever get – strong and lightweight cardboard furniture. In this […]
14 November, 2022

Business review: FEZiBO standing desks

FEZiBO standing desks are well known in the corporation world. Their desks are trusted and utilized by well-known companies, such as Microsoft, Intel, Disney, Siemens, Google, […]